SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – American International College has achieved recognition from U.S. News and World Report as a top performer in social mobility within the National Universities category for the second year in a row.

American International College’s (AIC) ranking this year is at ninety-three positions the school in the top fourth nationwide, among the top six in Massachusetts, and the leader in western Massachusetts in this category, according to a news release from AIC.

Social mobility is a key area that is evaluated for excellence by U.S. News to help students and families identify colleges that align with their needs. This category reviews how well schools graduate economically disadvantaged students, which means a demographic that faces greater challenges in completing their college education. By factoring in graduation rates of Pell-awarded and first-generation students in their rankings, the report highlights schools like AIC that go above and beyond in fostering social mobility.

Higher education plays a huge role in providing opportunities for disadvantaged Americans to change their economic circumstances. Enhancing access to education has the potential to promote equality of opportunity for all.

“AIC, and its faculty and staff, understand that earning a college degree is vital in increasing and achieving social mobility,” said College President Hubert Benitez, DDS, Ph.D. “For this reason, AIC continues to strive to offer a high-quality education at an affordable cost, leading to a successful career path. In doing so, it is committed to helping every student, despite their background, to succeed.”

“Today, students who attend higher education institutions come from diverse backgrounds, and the landscape shows vast social and economic disparities,” added Benitez. “Despite inherent obstacles, AIC is keeping true to its commitment to prepare and serve lower-income students, and it continues to take steps towards bridging the gaps, focusing on being an institution where access, opportunity, equity, and belonging are defining characteristics.”

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