SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Amtrak’s Valley Flyer is back with expanded service in western and northern Massachusetts. More people are traveling now that pandemic restrictions are eased.

The expanded train service comes just as more people are returning to the office and summer travel too.

Macy and Stella of Ohio travel to Northampton often and have been wanting to explore other parts of western Massachusetts as the country reopens. Now that Amtrak’s Valley Flyer is returning, they can do just that.

“I think it’s a great way to explore the state,” said Macy Hampton. “It’s going to be a cool way to see more sites quicker and we don’t have to drive.”

The Valley Flyer train is a seven-day-a-week passenger train that travels along the Connecticut River from New Haven to Greenfield. It connects western Massachusetts with stops in between including Springfield and Holyoke. The train service had been reduced due to the pandemic.

One of the stops on the Valley Flyer is also in Northampton and some people 22News spoke with there said once the train opens, they will use it.

“Traffic isn’t always great,” said Cedric Ayvazian of Holyoke. “Taking the train is just convenient and easy especially for people who don’t drive. Plus we definitely don’t have enough to do here so getting to New York is nice.”

In addition to the Valley, Flyer Amtrak plans to restart service to three more trains between New Haven and Springfield.

You can purchase Valley Flyer tickets now. The service begins July 26.