CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Public boat ramps on the Connecticut River remain closed due to high water levels and debris but they may be reopening soon.

It’s been an unfortunate summer for water recreation lovers. Excessive rainfall from storm after storm have kept the rivers clear of fun activity. However, before anyone gets back on the river, there needs to be a go ahead from the state.

On Thursday, the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game did another assessment of all seven boat access sites on the Connecticut River to see if and when it would be safe for people and boats to have some summer fun once again.

“The Department of Fish and Game made significant progress cleaning up the sediment and debris at boat access facilities on the Connecticut River and could reopen the ramps to the public as early as next week, pending any additional weather impacts over the next few days,” said the Spokesperson Danielle Burney.

Boat ramps are typically packed this time of year but with only a few short weeks left of summer, people are eager to get back on the water. The state is also urging that because of recent storm events that created dangerous conditions, it is essential that people be aware of their surroundings when on the river.

“DFG and Massachusetts Environmental Police (MEP) are urging the public to use extreme caution and be aware of floating and sub-surface hazards, including debris, trees, docks, sand bars, as well as changes to channels, landmarks, currents, and bank erosion,” said Burney.