WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The baby formula shortage across the nation has families asking when will there be formula on the shelves again.

Abbott’s baby formula plant in Michigan is expected to re-open in the coming weeks after an investigation took place regarding bacteria in the formula. In an effort to alleviate the crisis shipments of formula from overseas have been coming into the United States. Yet, here in the commonwealth many families especially those who receive WIC benefits are still having a hard time finding the formula.

22News spoke to a mother about what local communities are doing to lend a hand during this time.

“They are just really desperate looking for formulas and are running around to different stores looking for it. I think a lot of people are turning to each other for help. And I’ve seen a lot of people just being really supportive of each other helping other moms look for formula when they see it in another store they tell other moms what’s going on other parents too,” said Meghan Lemay of West Springfield.

According to Abbot, they expect to reopen in early June and will be able to distribute the product in mid to late June.

Many other formula companies have ramped up production and families can start to see more formulas on the shelves as early as this weekend.