SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Basketball and tennis courts in Springfield have recently been closed in an effort to promote social distancing and prevent further spread of coronavirus.

It’s a weird site to see a basketball court with no hoops and locks on the tennis court but these are changes the city says are necessary to fight this virus.

22News found rimless basketball hoops and locked tennis courts at both Hubbard and Forest Park Wednesday morning. Now the park is still open for resident who want to take a walk and spend time outside.

Closing the courts is a way to discourage gathering in crowds of more than 10 people. Although it may be hard to keep social distance when outside with others, one resident said he’s been doing his best to stay safe.

“Everyday I walk here in the morning I say hi to people like a normal person but you have to be careful about what’s happening now with COVID-19 but that’s pretty much it,” said Angel Bermudez of Springfield.

The city also said that playgrounds are routinely cleaned and disinfected.

The city didn’t say as to when the courts will re-open. The signs at the park say it will be closed till further notice.