BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – A Belchertown resident has spotted his trash and bird feeder getting knocked down by a bear multiple times.

Usually, the bear will knock over his trash while he is sleeping, around 4:00 a.m. Each Tuesday night, the resident’s trash goes out to be ready for Wednesday morning pick up. The incident has been ongoing for more than two months near 600 North Washington Street.

The bear seems to have also attacked a bird feeder out of the ground by bending it down. The resident says this bear has been around surrounding houses to tear up bird feeders. He says the bear roams between the middle 500 and top 600 houses on North Washington Street.

How to prevent bears in your yard

If you have a bird feeder in your yard, bears may be drawn closer. According to, it is suggested to remove the entire feeder at the first sign of bear activity. Besides bears, wild turkeys and coyotes are attracted to bird feeders. Bird feeders tend to attract animals like fishers and bobcats that prey upon smaller animals.

If you’re a person that enjoys seeing birds in your yard, MassWildlife recommends growing native plants, shrubs, and trees to attract birds instead. Water features are another substitution.

These prevents will help to minimize fewer sightings of bears and more appearances of birds. also suggests not leaving any empty feeders out as they still can attract bears due to residual smell.

When it comes to handling garbage, it is best to keep it in closed containers in a garage or outbuilding and not leave the garbage barrels outside overnight. says to keep them by the roadside before pickup. Residents can also use double bags or sprinkle ammonia to reduce odors. Any odors may attract bears, even if nothing is inside them.

If you are a person that composts, items such as meat scraps, and greasy, oily, or sweet materials should not be thrown in your compost pile.

If bears are common in the community, bear-proof dumpsters are recommended for those in apartments, condos, and campgrounds.

Lastly, grills should be cleaned after each use. Scraps, grease containers, or spilled grease should also not be left in your yard.