CHICOPEE, MASS. (WWLP) – Retail beef prices in the U.S. are at record highs and a butcher shop in Chicopee is experiencing the impact.

Retail beef prices are currently hovering around record levels of about $8 per pound, that’s according to the United States Department of Agriculture. That’s largely thanks to a shrinking cattle supply, as well as higher input costs. These prices are likely here to stay as we get closer to the holidays.

The owner of Arnold’s Meats in Chicopee, Larry Katz told us starting next week ribeyes will also see a jump in price. “I mean if you’re going to buy a ribeye, I would buy it this week, not next week, and it could save you about a buck and a half a pound,” he said. “Beef-like sirloin strips and tenderloins have not moved that much at all.”

Right now, ribeye is around $8.90 a pound. Next week, that could jump to $10.90, an increase of $2 in just one week.

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