CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Owners of Bernie’s Dining Depot in Chicopee announced Tuesday that they have closed their doors.

Bernie’s Dining Depot located on 749 James Street is best known for its large portions of prime rib and their distinct railroad car dining room. Hundreds of customers have shared memories of their time spent at the restaurant on social media.

“My first job and many great memories with many great people. Bernie’s will always make me think of my Pepe Al Fortin when we cooked side by side for years. Best wishes to everyone,” said Chris on the restaurant’s Facebook post.

“Well this is really sad news. I brought my dad there last year before he passed away. He loved Bernies. I am glad he got to go one more time,” said Kim.

“Gonna miss my annual birthday trip there as well as random times throughout the year,” said Scott.

The owners thank all their customers they had over the years and will cherish the memories made inside their restaurant.