WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – A 22News viewer sent a picture of a bobcat spotted on Tinkham Road in Wilbraham on Thursday.

Lyn Grippin sent 22News pictures of a bobcat she saw while out with her dog. The bobcat, which is usually a solitary animal, was observed in broad daylight possibly scavenging for food in the area.

Credit: Lyn Grippin

According to Mass.gov, bobcats live in mountainous habitats such as those with rocky ledges, hardwood forests, swamps, bogs, and brushy areas near fields. As the bobcats adapt to suburban settings, they become more visible in backyards and residential areas throughout Massachusetts.

It is possible to mistake bobcat tracks for those of domestic cats, but bobcats actually appear to have five toes. When leaving their tracks behind, a person may only notice their four toes. However, their fifth foot does not imprint into the ground when they walk, as it is raised high on the forefeet.

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