Body found in Springfield park

Hampden County

Police are looking into a possible homicide in a Springfield park in the south end of the city.

On one of the mildest mornings in April, William Wolmart woke up to silence. 

“There’s usually kids out and people grabbing breakfast early in the morning and this morning, there was just no noise,” said William Wolmart of Springfield. “Everything was quiet.”

And the only activity in Emerson Wight Park was police activity.

Springfield Police Spokesperson Ryan Walsh told 22News a body was found in the park at around 7:15 a.m. Saturday morning, 

According to Walsh, the man’s death is being investigated as a homicide.

“We were supposed to have positive things happening this morning like trees being planted in our community and we wake up to this tragedy,” Wolmart added. 

People who live in the area told 22News that waking up to yellow police tape surrounding their park is a fluke incident and that it’s usually a positive and vibrant community. 
The Jubilee Family Outreach Center in West Springfield serves breakfast to people living around Marble Street and Dwight Street extension every Saturday morning.

“Over the years we’ve been coming here, we’ve seen the community completely change from completely revitalizing the area, to the park being completely revitalized,” said Jeff Bergeron of the Jubilee Family Outreach Center.

Bergeron told 22News death doesn’t have to define the neighborhood. That’s why people from the Jubilee Family Outreach Center will continue to help feed and clothe members of their community.

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