SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Boys & Girls Club Family Center in Springfield is on the receiving end of a generous anonymous donation.

The Family Center received $150,000. Executive Director Keshawn Dodds said he received a phone call from a representative from their national office informing him an anonymous donor selected his club to receive the grant. He told 22News the money will help jump-start 2022 with the kids directly benefiting.

“You’ll see the program and it actually gives them the materials for the programs. It also allows us to work with the people who tutor the kids to give them the extra help so they can achieve in school and also with our athletic programs. So we really do create student athletes, but also academic success,” said Dodds.

Approximately $100,000 will support academic success programming and $50,000 is being assigned to address the food insecurities.