SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Brightwood/Lincoln Elementary School was honored with a special environmental award on Friday for the design and efficiency of its building.

The Brightwood/Lincoln Elementary School was awarded the LEED gold certification, an award that is globally recognized. The Brightwood/Lincoln Elementary School in the city’s north-end neighborhood is a leading example of a high-performance green building.

The school was awarded the LEED gold award, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy, Efficiency, and Design, by implementing measurable strategies like carbon offsets and low-emission materials. Mayor Sarno and Superintendent Warwick joined city officials on Friday for the unveiling of a new plaque that will be displayed at the school.

“This was the site of a junkyard, and now it becomes a beautiful green school, gold award and I think you saw when I asked “kids how are you feeling today?” they were so excited and that means excited to be learning in a state of the art green school and that says it all,” said Mayor Sarno.

The new 150, 500 square foot building was completed in 2021 and replaced two neighborhood elementary schools that were both more than 100 years old. There are more new school buildings to come for the city, Superintendent Daniel Warwick added that Springfield has a quarter of billion dollars in school building projects happening right now, more than any city in the Commonwealth.