Brimfield reminding drivers to use caution after moose spotted in town

Hampden County
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Mating season may be over, but moose can still be found walking along roadways across western Massachusetts. 

Every year, moose and deer collisions are the cause of hundreds of thousands of car accidents along North American roads. If you’re not careful, colliding with these animals is potentially deadly.

They can not only injure passengers but cause significant damage to your car.

“I was on the road late one night with a friend and we passed an accident where a car had hit a moose,” Susan Hammond of Ashfield said. “Apparently when you hit a moose their legs go right through the windshield and it’s not good.”

Although Moose mating season is over, you still can find them wandering the roads. 

The Brimfield Police Department posted a picture on their Facebook page of a moose walking along Brimfield Rd. this past Sunday. 

“We’re right in the animal’s migratory track,” Jody Rosenbloom of Northampton said. “They generally don’t want to bother us so they usually get out of the way but you have to be careful because they are unpredictable and they can be destructive.”

If you spot a moose while driving, stay on the road and maintain a strong grip on the steering wheel, turn on your emergency flashers to warn the vehicle behind you, and stop your vehicle slowly.

From 1996 to 2006, 17 people died from moose-related car crashes nationwide.

“Drive the speed limit,” Hammond said. “If it’s foggy cut that in half. Follow the rules of the road.” 

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