SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – The Southwick Police Department has been getting reports of a scam involving someone claiming to be from Xfinity offering special deals to customers.

According to the Southwick Police Department, the call is about offering Xfinity customers a “Special Deal” that will cut their monthly bill dramatically. Customers are instructed to purchase gift cards for around $700. and call them back to provide the numbers on the cards to allow “Xfinity” to obtain the funds.

The police are warning residents to not fall for this, it is a scam. A company will not ask you to go to the store and purchase gift cards for any kind of service or payment. If you get this phone call or a similar one from a different company, hang up.

If you receive a call demanding money, in any form, or face service termination, hang up and contact that company at a number you are familiar with or get a phone number directly from a past bill and/or website to find out if there is a legitimate issue.

These scams are also targeting elderly family members. The phone number that pops up on caller ID can be changed to a name they are familiar with. If you receive a phone call that seems odd or suspicious, hang up and call your local police department.