SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A pattern of vandalism in Springfield and across New England as criminals are stealing catalytic converters from vehicles.

Recently, six vans owned by Square One in Springfield had their converters stolen with significant damage to the vehicles. And that left the non-profit with only two vans in service.

Square One Vice President of Development & Communications, Kristine Allard told 22News those vans are used to provide daycare and remote learning services to Springfield families.

“The children who qualify for transportation from us are our highest need population. It’s not as easy as saying mom or dad will drive them while we get the vans fixed, for some families, there is no other option,” said Allard.

Springfield Police Spokesperson Ryan Walsh said they’ve dealt with similar situations throughout the past year.

There have been talks of the federal government regulating catalytic converters to be made with serial numbers so they can be traced.