SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Roderick L. Ireland Courthouse in Springfield hosted its sixth annual Trial Court Cultural Appreciation Week event on Monday.

Children attending the Mapleshade School in East Longmeadow were among the students from many local schools who performed with a purpose, that the court system in Massachusetts is there for everyone.

“They sort of want to talk about respect and kindness and inclusion in our country, and Mapleshade really strives for that inclusivity. They just want to share with other people,” said Carolyn McBride.

According to a news release sent to 22News from the Massachusetts Probation Service, the Roderick L. Ireland Courthouse is one of nine “Signature Court” sites that was chosen to host this event. Court staff and local leaders are expected to attend this year’s theme, “Out of Many, We Are One: Equal Justice for All.”

Court offices throughout the Commonwealth came together to celebrate the rich culture and diversity of court employees, court users, and residents who live in communities that are surrounded by the courthouses during Culture Appreciation Week.

Monday’s event was free and open to the public and featured keynote speaker Dr. Harry Dumay, President of the Our Lady of the Elms College in Chicopee.

“This is a great day for young kids to learn how we’re supporting the culture we come from and everybody should be respected as we exercise our cultural beliefs,” said Hampden County Sheriff Nick Cocchi.

This was the sixth annual cultural appreciation day and perhaps the most instructive for the court system which benefits from Monday’s message.

“We are one definitely, we are a courthouse for a different ethnicity, and background, and we are for all people,” said Lorna Spencer, the Statewide Supervisor of the Court Probation Department.

Many participants driving home one message, that the courts of the Commonwealth respect the culture and diversity of all who pass through the doors, either employees or those seeking justice.