CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Chicopee city leaders are looking to address concerns about littering, overgrown brush, and trash cleanup throughout the city.

Mayor John Vieau has kicked off an anti-littering campaign to “enhanced litter abatement activities, enforcement components, as well as the system already in place for the community to dispose of bulky waste items.” The goal is to make Chicopee a cleaner city and to avoid illegal dumping in places like Melvin Street in the Willimansett neighborhood.

The city of Chicopee has created a contest for Chicopee students interested in getting involved in the Clean City Initiative. The city is asking students to come up with slogans and marketing materials for a cleaner Chicopee. The students with the best ideas will get their work displayed on banners and marketing materials across the city, as well as a pizza party for their class.

“If you start at a real young age, and have them understand this is their city, not my city, it’s ours. And if we collectively work together, we can have a great place to live,” said Mayor Vieau.

The contest is the beginning efforts to reduce the amount of litter, debris and illegal dumping throughout the city. Students have until the end of October to come up with ideas and the Mayor will announce winners shortly after.

Various organizations across the city have already responded to the need for help in keeping the community cleaner.

22News spoke with Chicopee City Councilor Shane Brooks who represents downtown Chicopee. He says the city has received consistent complaints from residents about trash build-up and unkept areas in downtown, parks, schools, and streets. The city council is also looking to create a long term plan to ensure that these areas stay clean.

“I want the bus stop to be clear of litter because if people are using public transport, I want them to be able to enjoy doing that without a fear that there are things around like needles or unwanted trash,” said Brooks.

Brooks added that Roca, a job training program for at-risk men, will be assisting the clean up efforts.