CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Chicopee’s Planning Board met Thursday to discuss the proposed plans for a new truck stop on Burnett Road.

22News was at the meeting Thursday, where some residents said they were not happy because there is already another truck stop right next door, and some said this would impact the quality of life in their neighborhood.

Chicopee City Councilor Derek Dubosz represents Ward 6, which includes the Burnett Road area. “There’s a lot of proposed development in Ward 6. I don’t believe it’s all for the better and I really need people to step up and pay attention to what’s going on,” Dubosz said.

The proposed truck stop would include an 11,000 square foot resting area.

“We have a lot of concerns about traffic, we have health issues, I believe that traffic flow is going to cause a lot of distribution to Burnett Road, and I just don’t think it’s the right fit for our neighborhood,” Dubosz said.

At City Hall residents from Burnett Road were able to voice their concerns and show the City of Chicopee why they believe this new truck stop would impact their quality of life negatively.

“Our quality of life is going to be affected and the neighborhood does not want another truck stop right next to another one,” said neighborhood resident David Amo.

People in the neighborhood are concerned that it will impact supply and demand, commute to and from work, and the overall health of the community.

“We gave a high asthma rate which is affecting the health of our children that live in our neighborhood. I haven’t run into anyone in our neighborhood who wants another truck stop. Everybody is opposed to it,” said Amo.

Right now, this proposal is still under review by the City of Chicopee.