The city of Chicopee is upgrading its 140-year-old city hall building.

Chicopee Mayor Richard Kos launched the $11 million renovation of city hall by helping to remove a floorboard in the auditorium.

Deteriorating conditions closed the auditorium’s in 2003. The return of the auditorium’s stained glass windows will be the centerpiece of the 12 to 18 month-long renovation of Chicopee City Hall.

The mayor’s nostalgic about returning this building to its former glory.

“When I was mayor previously we used to do plays here, we had our Christmas tree lighting, our planner actually played in the band that played here back when he was in grade school,” said Mayor Kos. 

“I think it’s going to be amazing when it’s done, I remember year’s back we used to have Christmas events up here instead of having them outdoors,” said James Tillotson of the Chicopee City Council. 

The renovations will also include increasing energy efficiency in this building that’s been Chicopee’s City Hall since 1871.

The mayor promised the clock in the bell tower will tell time once more and the bell will ring again.

Renovations are scheduled for completion within 12 to 18 months