CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A traditional Irish tea in Chicopee Sunday, where the 2019 Colleen and her court welcomed the contestants for 2020 honors.

The Chicopee Parade Committee has discovered this event is the perfect transition of colleen contestants year after year at the Collegian Court Restaurant.

It’s when the 2019 Chicopee Colleen Madi Hartling looks back on the stellar year she’s enjoyed representing the Irish in her community.

“Indescribable, the best year I can have, I have no words for it,” she told 22News. “It’s been completely life-changing, not only the girls of my court but the girls in other courts.”

This year’s Chicopee contingent in the Holyoke’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade will include Leitrim, Ireland’s Yvonne White, a Fullbright scholarship winner attending Elms College in Chicopee.

“It’s such an honor to see Irish Americans over here take such pride in their heritage keeping their heritage alive like the colleen contests, it’s such a privilege to be here and make these connections,” White said.

On February 22, the 2020 Chicopee Colleen will be selected for her place of honor during the Holyoke’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 22.