CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A veteran in Chicopee received a life-changing gift Wednesday thanks to a partnership between Habitat for Humanity and Vista Home Improvement.

E-4 Specialist Edward Platt served his country with the U.S. Army, deployed to combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq in the early 2000’s, part of the original invasion of Iraq in 2003. U.S.

“We were on the initial push in March, pushed up through Kuwait into Baghdad and eventually up to Mosul and that’s where we were when I got hurt,” said Platt.

Platt was hit by an RPG, tearing through his leg. He was awarded a purple heart.

Now, Edward was in need of a new roof after a leak caused water damage in his home in Chicopee, where he lives with his wife and children. Thanks to an expansive team of local organizations, the Platt family is getting what they need.

“I mean I don’t have the words, its absolutely amazing, we are so blessed and thankful,” said Platt.

It’s all a part of a national program from Owens Corning Roofing, which has contractors around the country to replace and guarantee new roofs for more than 425 veterans since 2016. Locally, three projects have been carried out by Vista Home Improvement.

“I’m incredibly grateful to be able to be part of this bigger thing we are involved with and that’s serving others that served us,” said Vista Home Improvement owner Brian Rudd.

Owens Corning donates the materials, Vista supplies the labor and Habitat for Humanity takes care of the family, and in this case, some interior work.

If any issues arise, it’s covered by warranty for the lifetime of the roof for about 50 years, giving the Platt family peace of mind and a safe place to grow for years to come.

“Even working for Habitat, every family you meet you hear their story, you hear what they go through. It’s really giving it’s very tangible,” said Aimee Giroux, the Executive Director of Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity.

“I’m incredibly grateful to be part of this bigger thing we are doing, which is serving those who served us,” said Brian Rudd, the owner of Vista Home Improvement.

Rudd said that the roof is under warranty for its expected lifetime with free replacements and repairs for the family for the next 50 years.