CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Chicopee Electric Light announced plans to begin the “Crossroads Fiber” pilot program also known as fiber hood to serve residents of Ward 1 in Chicopee, later this July. 

According to Ward 1 City Councilor Joel McAuliffe, the fiber hood will offer high-speed municipal broadband with the fastest speed in the country. The service will provide speeds reaching up to 1 gig and cost around $65 a month for service. 

The company plans to start connecting customers by the end of the summer and will contact customers when the service becomes available. The streets where residential service will be offered are:

  • Acrebrook Drive
  • Harvey Street
  • Leo Drive
  • Mountainview Street
  • Oakridge Street
  • Pondview Drive
  • Rita Street
  • Roberts Pond Lane
  • Applewood Drive (parts)
  • Greenwood Terrace
  • Honeysuckle Drive
  • Horseshoe Drive
  • Pendleton Avenue (parts in Doverbrook)
  • Robinridge Road

After the pilot period is complete, Chicopee Electric Light will begin building additional fiber hoods in other areas of the city based on interest. Chicopee Electric Light said their network is more affordable than other internet providers and they have the best technology available.

“Customers are looking for high-speed internet these days everything you use uses the internet now and it will provide them with the services now they need and the future,” said Jeffrey Cady, general manager at Chicopee Electric Light.

Chicopee City Councilor Joel McAuliffe added, “Having municipal broadband will allow us to offer it at a reasonable rate and save people money and give them the fastest speeds in the country. It’s an absolute home run for Chicopee.”

Cady told 22News their fiber-optic network uses laser, which transmits information at the speed of light. Chicopee residents will be allowed to join the network starting at the end of the summer.

If interested in the service you can visit their website and fill out a form.