SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Springfield is looking to fill more buildings in its efforts to redevelop downtown.

City leaders framed Springfield as a city of “opportunity” and they’re hoping to build on the redevelopment we’ve seen over the last decade. There are three properties in particular the city wants to see reworked, including the iconic clocktower building at 113-117 State Street, the historic colonial building at 1135-1155 Main Street and 11-21 Stockbridge Street.

These buildings do have some occupants but the Springfield Redevelopment Authority Executive Director said they want to expand upon that.

“Retail, other amenities that can compliment vice versa MGM. Works with business opportunities and some housing opportunities too,” said Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno.

Amanda Pham, Executive Director of Springfield Redevelopment Authority, told 22News, “Present to us an approach that they feel would be strong and viable for themselves and then lead into the formal process, where we look to really have at least three really strong contenders.”

They’ve open the door for RFQ, or Request For Quotations, and the city is hoping to name a preferred developer by this summer.