WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – City Hall in Westfield will be lighting up green and blue the week of May 15, in honor of World Neurofibromatosis Day.

World Neurofibromatosis (NF) Day is Wednesday, May 17, and to honor those living, and those who have lived with the incurable disease, Westfield will “Shine a Light on NF” to raise awareness.

NF refers to a group of genetic conditions that cause tumors to grow on the nerves, and affects one in every 3,000 births. The disease can lead to blindness, deafness, bone abnormalities, learning disabilities, disabling pain, and even cancer. Roughly half of all cases arise within families that have no prior history of the conditions.

The Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) is the largest non-profit organization that is committed to ending NF through research, and believes that full-scale collaboration will lead to more solutions.

Shine a Light on NF is an integral part of the Children’s Tumor Foundation’s NF Awareness Month campaign. More than 500 landmarks across the country and the world participate each year.

To learn more about NF, please visit CTF’s website.