SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With Title 42 expired cities, across the country are preparing to take in migrants. However, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno warns that the city of Springfield is already at capacity.

Mayor Sarno said the city has taken in more of its fair share when it comes to migrants and that the federal government needs to step up, “They need to get off their behinds and get something done. Also send some funding and investment, whether it’s one stop shopping, or comprehensive services and housing type stuff, because there is a crisis.”

Mayor Sarno told 22News that his concern is that if migrants come to the city they won’t have the resources to help them, especially since the city has to pay for those services up front. Whether it’s finding them appropriate temporary housing, or making sure children can get the support they need as they transition into the school district.

In the past, Springfield did take in people from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, but Sarno said the key difference then was that they were in fact provided resources to help them.

Sarno is also asking suburban areas to step up to help out if migrants are placed in western Massachusetts. He also said that he’s been in contact with the Governor’s Office.