WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Speeding has been an issue for years, but as the summer nears, it’s even more of a concern.

West Springfield residents are worried about speeding after several accidents over the last several years. There is a growing concern about cars speeding down the road, and the dangers they pose.

Bill Davis of Springfield says he sees people speeding a lot near his house daily, “On my street from the north they go through what’s called angel line, they fly through there, we got kids in the street, dogs in the street..”

According to state data, last year, there were four deadly crashes in West Springfield. This year, there have already been 64 crashes, luckily resulting in no deaths.

Residents are urging the town council to address safety in high-crash areas like Bernie Avenue, Piper Road, and Dewey Street. The council is looking at what can be done to reduce speeding, whether it be additional stop signs or speed bumps.

Road diets, which are safety-focused areas, have already been built on Route 5 and Route 20, to keep cars away from residential areas. The traffic and safety committee is working with the city council on school zone approvals and installing mile-per-hour signage for roadways that don’t have them.

President of the town council Ed Sullivan said, “If they have the signage of 35 miles or faster you can’t lower those speed limits. But for the other roadways, we are looking to lower those in West Springfield to 25mph.”

Sullivan says It will also be imperative to build raised sidewalks and bike paths around the commons.