HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – It is National Health Center Week and Congressman Richard Neal was in Holyoke to honor the occasion.

Neal was joined by Mayor Alex Morse to speak with doctors, nurses, and other staff at the health center about the strides they’ve been making in addressing health issues in the community.

Holyoke Health Center provides services to some of the states most medically vulnerable patients. The center utilizes federal and state funds to make their services and programs most effective. The center has expanded services, like its school-based programs to address childhood dental issues early on. As well as opioid addiction treatment.

“The folks here understand the holistic nature of health care, and I know you are doing your best to coordinate all of those different silos. I think the federal government, our hospitals, private organizations could really learn a lot from what is happening here in Holyoke,” said Morse.

“Really sitting on a terrific story here in the city of Holyoke, and I am very proud that I had a part in your success story. Thank you from the United States of America,” said Neal.

Neal and Morse also toured the expanded section of the center still under construction, which will provide more space for their medication-assisted treatment programs for opioid addiction.