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Connecticut one step closer to a new casino

Deadline for proposed casino sites Nov. 6th

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)-- Friday is the deadline for Connecticut communities to submit their proposals to be the host to a new casino in their state.

Connecticut says they want to keep casino revenue and jobs in their state once MGM Springfield opens its doors in the city's south end.  To do that, the tribes that currently run Connecticut's two casinos are accepting proposals for locations where they could jointly open a third casino.

Any interested cities or towns have until 4 P.M. Friday, November 6th, to submit their proposals.

When Connecticut initially passed a law allowing this process to happen, MGM answered back with a lawsuit, arguing they were being excluded from the opportunity to be the developer of that new, third, casino facility in Connecticut.

In just the last month, Windsor Locks Board of Selectmen recently rejected a proposal by Bradley International airport to house the casino there.  And in East Hartford, the Town Council voted to allow it's mayor to submit a casino proposal.  The favored site there is the old Showcase Cinemas which has been vacant for over a decade.

Tribal officials expect to make a decision by December 15th on a site that would serve 10,000 visitors a day.

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