SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A new, massive surrender of cats and kittens has triggered a one-of-a-kind promotion, it’s a Cat BOGO.

A person in Franklin County who cared for vulnerable and stray cats became overwhelmed when the cats started having litters. Dakin Humane Society took them in, provided medical care, and spayed or neutered them in preparation for adoption.

Now they’re available on an adopt one get one free basis. If you’re interested, visit the Dakin website and look for the BOGO tag before you submit an inquiry. If your adoption is approved the fee will be waived for a second cat.

“Dakin is here to help. We know from firsthand experience how hard it is to not be able to help every animal in need. This is where people, even with the best of intentions can quickly become overwhelmed. Some may feel embarrassed when things get out of control, or not want to ask for help out of fear of judgment. It’s important to know that Dakin is a resource for our community, and when situations like this present themselves, we want to help and encourage people to reach out so we can work with them.” said the Director of Development and Marketing Stacey Price. “Right now, many young cats and kittens have a BOGO label on their online profile pages so they can find a loving home with another shelter buddy. Very often cats and kittens that come from homes with many felines do best when they’re adopted out with another cat or kitten with whom they’ve bonded. It makes the adjustment easier for everyone.”

“This is a person who really wanted help, but didn’t know where to get it,” stated Moon Wymore, Adoption Center Manager. “They likely would have gotten help much sooner if they had known about the available resources Dakin offers, and didn’t have the transportation issues they have. They felt fortunate that we were able to go onsite and get the cats and kittens ourselves.”