Dakin Humane Society in Springfield held an event to help pet owners process the loss of their beloved animals Thursday night.

Dakin hosted family therapist and author Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio who co-authored The Pet Loss Companion.

The author said pets are a daily part of our lives and in many cases, our relationships with animals are some of our closest. He said it’s important for pet owners to grieve, and he weighed in on the difficulty of deciding when to adopt a new pet after a loss.

“Like everything about grief and loss, it’s very individualized. So, for some people, it’s a very good idea to get another pet sooner rather than later. If there’s any doubt at all, it’s always good to wait,” said Dolan-Del Vecchio.

He said for some grieving pet owners, getting a new puppy or kitten can be overwhelming at an already challenging time.