SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Bradley International Airport said their damaged de-icing facility actually won’t impact their ability to remove snow or ice off planes.

A B-17 crashed at Bradley International Airport Wednesday, October 2, killing seven people and injuring five others. The aircraft hit the ground about 500 feet before reaching Runway 6. It then veered off the runway, crashing into vehicles and an airport de-icing facility.

Bradley spokesperson Alisa Sisic told 22News the facility sustained significant damage, but they still will be able to de-ice planes. She said they can still de-ice planes at their “de-ice pad” as well as the gates when necessary.

The de-icing facility processes special fluid that is used to de-ice planes, and they have enough of it.

The airport is still assessing the damage to the de-icing facility and is looking at other ways to process the de-icing fluid.