SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Deadly pedestrian accidents have hit one western Massachusetts city especially hard prompting many residents there to vocalize their growing concerns.

22News was in Springfield, the center of pedestrian safety concerns for many. Some I spoke with tonight hope these improvements will prevent any more tragedy. Some people 22News spoke with Tuesday are hoping these improvements will prevent any more tragedy.

Springfield city streets, the site of multiple deadly pedestrian accidents within the last few months. Road improvements are now underway to address ongoing issues. This time on Wilbraham Road.

“We had a very tragic accident that took place at this intersection, the crosswalk that is here is often overlooked by drivers,” said Candy Lash, Public Relations Manager at AIC.

That crosswalk is where an AIC employee was struck and killed by a vehicle last July. Construction is taking place at the intersection of Wilbraham Road and Massachusetts Avenue, right across from AIC, some of the improvements include raised crosswalks, as well as narrowing the roads

AIC students hope these improvements make walking on campus safer.

“We normally cross all of the streets and cars are just flying no matter where you go. It’s nice to see them putting in crosswalks, making it safer for students and everyone,” said Lou Justice, AIC student.

In downtown Springfield residents hoping to see improvements to another problematic area, State Street, The most recent pedestrian death happened there last November.

“Most of the time it is busy and drive so fast. It is not a highway here. It is not safe for people walking around,” said T. Adejare of West Springfield.

Springfield city officials have released a state street pedestrian study, proposing two crosswalk designs to address the dangerous sections of the street. DPW will also be installing cones, barrels, and barricades in the coming weeks to see the potential impact on traffic.