SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A new chair was appointed to the Springfield Board of Police Commissioners, Norman Roldan.

However, Thursday night’s meeting led to a debate about November’s vote to reinstate two officers who were convicted in the Nathan Bill’s case.

“The bottom line is that they were convicted,” Representative Orlando Ramos told 22News. “They were convicted and they don’t belong on our police force because of what they did.”

Officers Daniel Billingsley and Christian Cicero were convicted of assault and battery last year for a 2015 fight outside Nathan Bill’s bar. Both were reinstated by the Board of Police Commissioners in November. However, City Solicitor John Payne told 22News that was only when three out of the five members were present.

The vote turnout was 2 to 1. Now the Board faces a key question as it nears towards its first full year.

“Whether or not a two to one vote of a quorum where there are actually five members is sufficient in order to sustain the action that they wanted to take,” Judge Payne explained.

Billingsley’s attorney said if this reinstatement continues to be called into question, he’s prepared to take further legal action.

“They followed the Board’s rules and regulations but at this point and time these outside influences are starting to interfere with his right of employment and we will certainly ask the court to redress that,” Attorney Shawn Allyn said.

Commission Chair Roldan was unavailable for an in-person interview. In a statement to 22News he said:

“As the newly appointed chair for the Board of Police Commissioners, I am looking forward to working together with my fellow Commissioners, City Solicitor John Payne, and Police Superintendent Cheryl Clapprood to bring professionalism and decorum to this important process. Going forward and with the guidance from city Solicitor Payne, I am confident that we will be able to proceed and accomplish the duties and tasks that are brought before the Commission in a respectful and effective manner for the good of all our residents.”