WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – As cities across western Massachusetts prepare for Pride Month in June, Westfield approved a resolution to do the same once again, but that measure received some pushback.

The resolution was to recognize June of this year as LGBTQIA+ Pride Month. It passed 9-3, but not without one of the councilors expressing his concerns about the community.

“I can’t recognize a month that where this group is marginalizing children across the country,” expressed Ward One Councilor, Nick Morganelli.

Debate over whether or not the Pride flag could fly at Westfield City Hall lead to councilor Nick Morganelli speaking out. He told 22News while he supports everybody as a human being, he’s concerned about transgender people “piggy backing” off of gay and lesbian issues.

“They’re over sexualizing our children. They’re stripping them of their innocence and they’re normalizing drag queen shows, they’re normalizing transgenderism,” added Morganelli.

During the debate Councilor Morganelli said he wants a specific list of the number of contributions that the LGBTQIA+ community has made here in Westfield.

Councilor at Large, Kristen Mello told 22News, “The question itself is so aggressively phobic that it’s a bother. It’s a bother, it’s a bother. But I will indeed make a list of every contribution of every comfortably out person who has made a contribution to the City of Westfield.”

She was the one to put forward the resolution to recognize Pride Month in the city. She said some of those contributions include PFAS blood testing and amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act that helped get the city some reimbursements. In the end, the city council on Thursday passed the resolution to recognize Pride Month in the city.

Among those also in favor was Ward Three Councilor Bridget Matthews-Kane, “It’s really about letting people know that we acknowledge and respect them, and that they’re safe here in the City of Westfield.”

Councilor Mello said the Westfield Pride Committee will soon announce events that will be held in the city throughout the month of June.