LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – While gas prices keep rising, AAA said that they don’t expect that to impact people who are traveling on the road.

47.7 million were estimated to either drive or fly Fourth of July weekend, the vast majority of those people were expected to be drivers.

Among them was Joseph Austin of Binghamton, New York, stopping by the Ludlow Plaza on I-90. He told 22News he’s heading for the Cape to visit family.

“I haven’t bought gas yet, but I can see it from here and it looks like it sucks,” he said when 22News asked what he thought about the gas prices.

AAA has the national average at $3.13 for gas prices. About a dollar more than it was last year. However Joseph said his family going to the Cape is a tradition that’s lasted about 70 years and he was looking forward to seeing them.

Also on the move, Eileen Dick and Gloria Bear of Greenville, New York, “We’re not going to let it deter us.”

“And there’s four of us so we can pool our money… we’ve got it down to a dollar a gallon,” added Gloria with a laugh.

The Wall Street Journal attributes the rise in gas prices to a rise in crude oil prices, more people commuting, and a trucker shortage. However, gas prices aren’t the only thing rising: the cost of food, cars, and homes for example. The federal reserve chair Jay Powell is calling these current fluctuations in prices “transitory,” something economists are monitoring to see if this trend continues.