SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – During this time of year, we experience the spirit of Thanksgiving with acts of generosity.

Busywork in the kitchen at Dewey’s Jazz Lounge on Worthington Street where State Senator Adam Gomez and the entire kitchen staff were preparing 150 turkey dinners for a trip several blocks away to the Friends of the Homeless shelter.

Senator Gomez and his fellow chefs expressing a feeling that has been catching fire throughout the Springfield area as we approach Thanksgiving Day. “150 meals to the homeless here in the downtown district. We’re very proud of this event and we want to continue serving our community and our constituents,” said Senator Gomez.

The satisfaction that comes from providing a meal to a person in need is like none other, which helps account for this widespread generosity throughout the Pioneer Valley this week.”

As he helped prepare the turkey dinners in Dewey’s Kitchen, Executive Chef Anthony Padilla reflected on his feelings, “To me it makes me feel like I’m finally a part of something, that helps out. So it’s just a great feeling for me, it’s just a good feeling.”

Senator Gomez reminds us that what we’re seeing in this kitchen has become standard procedure during this holiday season, with people from many businesses pitching in to make sure those less fortunate can enjoy a turkey dinner later this week.