SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — Imagine a world with dinosaurs… a species that went extinct about 65 million years ago brought back to life this weekend in Springfield.

Well, a unique dinosaur exhibit featuring life-sized models is taking place at the MassMutual Center this weekend. And 22News was at the event Saturday to check out this interactive experience.

“I wouldn’t want to be around when they were around at the same time,” said attendee Amneris Cosme from Puerto Rico.

The “Jurassic Quest” exhibit features life-size dinosaur replicas, interactive exhibits, and all kinds of dinosaur-related fun!

“Jurassic Quest started in someone’s garage actually, because they had a passion for dinosaurs,” expressed Jurassic Quest Dino Trainer, Isaiah Valbrun. “After time and time went on, they decided that it could be more of a global thing, and we take you through the Jurassic and Triassic periods, and at the end of the exhibit you can go to the activity area and you can see the raptor shows, our fossil table, and a bunch of other things.”

This exhibit is a roaring good time for families in attendance, like Russell Linder from West Springfield, who said, “It brings the community closer and everybody more as a tight-knit family.”

“It sticks around in a weird way that you wouldn’t think dinosaurs do, but in some way, they stick around, and they will never leave even if they are extinct!,” said Valbrun.

The fun continues on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the MassMutual Center. So get on down before the dinosaurs head on in search of new lands!

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