SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – On this Giving Tuesday a new, special piece of equipment is being added to the Thomas J O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center.

A step forward in improving the lives of animals throughout Hampden County is the addition of a new state-of-the-art X-ray machine at the Thomas J O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center. In collaboration with the foundation for TJO animals, a dedication ceremony for the equipment was held on Giving Tuesday.

“In this community, there are a lot of animals in need. This is one of the organizations that work hard to get them back on their feet again and back in the community.” Stewart Bromberg – Executive Director, Foundation for TJO Animals

Having the technology onsite will allow the staff to work quickly and efficiently in assessing animals that come into the facility. A specially designed room has also been created to house this x-ray machine. This was an essential part of securing this equipment to make it a safe place for the animals and veterinary staff.

The fundraising effort for this machinery began back in 2020. Those who work at the center say it will make all the difference. “We don’t have the luxury of getting the history on animals. Often the animals are coming in through animal control, and we don’t know their background. Having the x-ray on-site allows us to get an immediate and accurate picture of the animal’s condition.” Lori Swanson – Executive Director, Thomas J O’Connor

TJO provides animal control services to the cities of Springfield, Chicopee, and Holyoke and receives thousands of animals annually. All different types of medium and small animals, even chickens, as long as they fall under the category of domesticated.

$40,000 were raised to make this new technology a reality. Swanson says the addition provides a sense of relief among the staff knowing they’re better prepared for animals in need. ” We can see an animal through from a crisis into a new home or being reunited with their family, and ultimately that’s our goal.” Lori Swanson – Executive Director, Thomas J O’Connor

Swanson says the technology provides a sense of relief for the staff knowing they have the tools they need to do their jobs and get these animals back to their owners or into a new home.