LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – An endangered African antelope that escaped from the Lupa Zoo in Ludlow this past weekend remains on the loose.

According to Ludlow Police, the animal has been spotted by busy streets like Fuller Street and Rood Street in Ludlow. Police say while the animal is generally skittish and poses no threat to the public, they are advising motorists to use extra caution when driving, especially at night.

Ludlow Police Lieutenant Michael Brennan told 22News, “Really, the calls have been related to seeing the animal crossing the roads and becoming a hazard with traffic and that’s the general concern we have, your safety with vehicular traffic. We’re talking about a 2,000 pound antelope. We just want the public to be generally aware that this thing is out there until we can get it back to the zoo.”

The antelope escaped after last weekend’s strong storms damaged it’s enclosure. It is an herbivore and likely sustaining itself on vegetation from the area.

If you see the animal, please call Ludlow Police or the Lupa Zoo at 413-589-9883.