SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Duggan Academy and neighboring Western New England University have signed another mutual partnership.

“That’s what we’re most excited about, is helping earners and learners pursue their dreams, goals, and aspirations,” said Robert Johnson, President of Western New England University.

Through this partnership, students at Duggan Academy can take courses at the university while Western New England students can work with kids at Duggan through enrichment programs. The two schools have this signing every three years, but this is the first time Western New England’s new president, Robert Johnson, has signed the agreement.

Johnson added, “The partnership with this institution that is Duggan Academy, which is right across the street from us, will help young people thrive in a hyper-connected environment.”

Johnson emphasized that the students from Duggan who take advantage of this program are prepared for college, even if they don’t attend Western New England.