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East Main St. restaurant reconstruction revived

The project was first brought forth in 2013

Dan Desrochers, The Westfield News - WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) –The McDonald's on East Main Street is moving forward with previously stalled plans for reconstruction after meeting with the city's Conservation Commission last night.

The McDonald's on East Main Street presented plans related to the commission's purview last night, since the building is currently in a flood plain. The plans include a complete reconstruction of the building. The plans, according to Jim Cranston, project manager for Bohler Engineering who is overseeing the project, are similar in design to the plans presented in 2013 that were never fulfilled.

The building, according to Cranston, is expected to be around 3,900 square feet, and will include a more "modern design" that will be in line with other McDonald's locations throughout the area and country. This includes more earth tone coloring and paneling.

The project was first brought forth in 2013, but the permit lapsed after costs to improve the sewer water treatment were more than expected, according to Cranston.

The plans regarding the Conservation Commission were OKed, moving the McDonald's reconstruction forward.

Also discussed in the commission meeting was an emergency request to replace one of the boat ramps that is located at the Hampton Ponds.

According to Terrance Smith from Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife, who is overseeing the request, there have been concerns sent to his office about the condition of the ramp, which Smith said was made in 1991, including the lowest portion of the ramp missing entirely. He cited damage from ice as a possible cause.

The repairs would include an excavation and removal of a boat ramp located at the ponds currently, then an installation of a newer ramp that would extend about 30 feet into the water, reaching a depth of about 4 feet.

Smith requested the emergency certification so that his team could "get the work done prior to the boating season." Smith gave an estimated end date to the project, if OKed, of April 25.

After some discussion about the relevancy of the project being considered an emergency, the commission voted to allow it.

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