CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – With the price of natural gas rapidly on the rise around the world, Eversource Energy is telling customers to be prepared for a price increase this winter.

On Wednesday, Eversource filed its proposed winter natural gas rates with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU). If approved, the increases would begin on November 1, 2021.

“This is the best price we could get, considering what’s going on, the demand is far outpacing supply,” said Priscella Ress, an Eversource spokeswoman. “So come November the cost of natural gas, those bills are going to go up.”

Eversource cited several reasons for the increase including an increase in global demand during the ongoing economic recovery and a lagging recovery to the significant drop in U.S. gas supply due to a number of issues including the pandemic and extreme weather in gas-producing states. 

“We can only raise our prices so much so quickly, you turn around, thats going up this is going up, said Dominic Pompi, Owner of Memo’s in West Springfield. “Everything is crazy.”

Additionally, proposed adjustments to other portions of the bill related to safely and reliably operating the gas system are also expected to take effect on November 1. If all proposed adjustments are approved by the DPU, an average residential customer in the former Columbia Gas service territory using 132 therms of gas per month will see an increase of approximately 21% on their natural gas bill over last winter – from $197 per month to $238 per month.

Eversource is suggesting customers take advantage of energy saving initiatives for both residential and business buildings, including a no-cost, virtual home energy assessment for personalized recommendations and energy-saving products for their home, including a limited time offer of 75% or more off approved insulation improvements. Income-eligible customers may also qualify for additional money and energy-saving offers.

Eversource also encourages customers to find out if they’re eligible and apply for home heating and energy assistance, and to set up a budgeting program with the company now.