HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A reminder Monday night from the state fire marshal, to practice cooking safety, after a deadly fire Friday in Holyoke.

That fire on Donlee Street was caused by cooking. Two firefighters were also sent to the hospital for their injuries.

Some helpful safety tips from Mass.gov include the following:

  • Always stand by your pan
  • Don’t leave food, grease, or oils cooking on a stovetop unattended
  • In the event of a grease fire, put a lid on it, and turn off the heat, baking soda also works to smother it
  • Never throw water or use a fire extinguisher on a grease fire
  • If your clothes catch fire, stop, drop, and roll, and call 911 immediately for help

“Every home should have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the event you get distracted from your cooking, then you are notified. But really, the biggest thing is standing by your pan, never leave your cooking unattended,” said Captain Katie Collins-Kalbaugh of Chicopee Fire Department.

Cooking fires are the number cause of home fires and home fire injuries, resulting in 9,800 home fires here in the state in 2018.