WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News has a first look at an F-35 aircraft that’s expected to be featured in this weekend’s Westfield International Air Show.

Two planes came in for a landing Tuesday afternoon from Virginia and there’s a reason why they’re expected to steal the show. The two F-35’s made a few turns to familiarize themselves with the ground.

“And then we come in for a low approach. So then we come in with our gear down like we’re going to land just to get the landing environment familiar and then we come back around for a full stop,” said Major Kristen “BEO” Wolfe.

In terms of the capability of these planes, they’re designed for stealth but also come with a powerful engine that’s big enough for a person to fit inside.

This weekend, we’re going to get a look into the future of Barnes with one of the F-35’s set to take off. We’re expected to see more of these planes take off from Barnes in 2026 when we get that shipment of 18 new planes.

“The fact that you’re going to see F-15C performing during the air show followed up what the future of Barnes and Westfield is going to be is awesome and we’re super excited to show that to the public,” said Lt. Col. Stephen Mindeck, Air Show Director.

The air show this weekend will also feature vintage World War 2 aircrafts, civilian aeronautic performers and even parachute jumps. Air Show Director Mindeck told 22News they’re expecting about 25,000 people to come each day to take it all in.

“Whatever your interest are, from old to new, to fast to slow, to loop-de-loops to loud noise. We’ve got it all,” said Mindeck.

The show will be this Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 4. Standard parking is $20 but admission is free.