PALMER, Mass. (WWLP) – Flash flood warnings and watches were in place across the region Friday.

Karl Williams of Day and Night Diner in Palmer said, “We’re ready to build the arc!”

Many people across the region are amazed at how much rain we have received in the past week. Tropical Storm Elsa brought a lot of steady rainfall to the area this morning and into the early afternoon hours Friday. Flooding was a concern of many since the ground was soaked from previous days of rain. Some areas are more prone to flooding compared to others.

Low elevation areas, like near a river or under an overpass, urban areas, and areas with poor drainage all can flood faster than other places. Aside from localized areas of flooding and puddling, many people were happy to know their plants were getting water.

Sarah Troche told 22News, “My basement has a little bit of flooding and my pool is filling up and my flowers are growing nice!”

While this rain can be helpful to your plants and gardens, it’s important to remember flash flooding is the second leading cause of weather-related deaths, just behind the heat. If you come across a flooded roadway, be sure to turn around and find another way.