HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Former Holyoke Soldiers Home Superintendent Bennett Walsh and the homes former Medical Director David Clinton were arraigned at Hampden Superior Court Thursday following charges of criminal neglect toward the home’s residents.

Both Clinton and Walsh pled not guilty to criminal neglect for their roles in the deadly COVID-19 outbreak that contributed to the death of at least 76 residents at the facility. No bail and no conditions were set. The next court date is in March for a pretrial hearing.

Back in March the Attorney General alleges that Walsh and Clinton put COVID positive residents in with healthy residents which caused the virus to spread. The Attorney-General also alleges that Walsh and Clinton put six to seven veterans in a room during the outbreak when the room was only meant to house four people.

An investigation ordered by Governor Charlie Baker concluded that decisions by Walsh and other officials contributed to the scale of the crisis.

They were arraigned at Hampden Superior Court at 10 am. It was streamed on the Massachusetts Trial Court Youtube channel.