CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – United Way of Pioneer Valley (UWPV) hosted an informal “Meet and Greet” session Wednesday evening at the Chicopee Library.

The session was an opportunity to spend some time with “Thrive Program” coaches and clients and to learn how financial coaching can be of benefit.

“Hundreds of people have made great strides in their financial situations through the Thrive program,” said Jen Fernandes, Thrive Manager.  “We take great pride in seeing people improve their credit scores through hard work to the point where they are now homeowners.  We look forward to welcoming people on the 18th at the Chicopee Library so they can learn more about how the Thrive program works.”

The organization’s Thrive Program has been helping the community for the last eight years, providing one-on-one financial coaching to help tackle household budgets, credit repairs, savings plans, debt reductions, and other tasks.

Jennifer Feldman, the program manager for the Thrive Program told 22News, “You have your fixed expenses like your mortgage, your car payment, but the variable expenses are the ones you really need to take control of, so dining out, entertainment, clothing. Those are the things we really work on with our clients is to really gain control of that.”

The program has recently expanded to a new series of group sessions, along with support groups where clients meet to share tips and hints to become financially secure.