HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Latino Economic Development Corporation distributed three grants to businesses in Holyoke that will help the city focus on growing in the food service industry.

With the support of these grants, the Latino Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) hopes to help these businesses thrive and flourish in Holyoke and have the opportunity to reach their goals and make a direct impact on their revenue stream.

These grants represent the work of the LEDC, encompassing the “3 C’s” of a successful business which include coaching, capital infusion, and connection.

La Isla Restaurant, That First Bite Tho food truck, and La Pescaderia Restaurant are all going to have the opportunity to receive a multitude of services and resources to expand their business.

Every grantee will have access to a wide array of professional coaches specializing in every area of business from tax experts to HR professionals who will help them meet their business goals.

“Restaurants are the framework of the ecosystem of any downtown city so if you don’t focus on your restaurants if you don’t have a place to drive and eat and shop locally that’s so important. So focusing on restaurants is so crucial.” Andrew Melendez Latino Economic Development Corporation

This grant will help bridge the gap for Latino and other minority-owned businesses. Giving them access to cash which in turn allows more flexibility and sustainability. Ultimately, they provide businesses with a hotline that they can call and rely on if they need coaching or financial support. They provide an access point to help these small Latino-owned businesses form a sustainable business model.