GRANVILLE, MASS. (WWLP) – It was a bit cold and rainy for a proper fourth of July celebration in Granville and despite the after party being canceled, this year’s parade began on schedule in Granville.

While it was Washington who crossed the Delaware, it’s apparently one Lincoln impersonator who made it across the puddle.

“Try to be the most flamboyant family…. I don’t know. We’re here every year,” said resident Will Pratt.

And Will means it! The family has been taking part for nearly 50 years, now passing the torch to Maggie Ripley.

“Our grandmother was a part of the team that started the parade here in Granville and we really like to keep tradition alive,” she said.

“And she was the first one to wear that beautiful outfit,” added Will.

“…. Seen better days,” Maggie responded.

Also out in the rain Saturday, Albert and his sister Alina. They were both supposed to ride their own vehicles in Saturday’s parade but Albert told 22News, “My sister’s tractor. It’s battery can’t go…. It’s brand new.”

Granville residents said it’s not about the size of the parade but the community.

“It’s just kind of nice to see people together and such a small community that isn’t really small at heart,” expressed Joe Pietroniro.