(WWLP) – The Green Justice Coalition held a virtual Asthma Justice Town Hall late Tuesday, to recognize World Asthma Day.

Community leaders from advocacy groups, health professionals, and grassroots leaders working on the frontlines contributed. The conversation focused on how low-income communities and communities of color are hardest hit by air pollution.

Which contributes to higher rates asthma among these populations including cities like Springfield. Participants also addressed how these issues combine to make Covid-19’s impact more severe.

Dr. Jon Levy of Boston University Public School of Health told 22News, “We know some things for certain that air pollution increases the rate and severity of diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and if you look at the CDC’s website for conditions that make you vulnerable to Covid-19.”

The Green Justice Coalition is a partnership of community based, environmental and labor allies who lead campaigns that have a meaningful impact on working class people and communities of color.